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Maintenance & Hosting

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Our optimised WP/WooCommerce hosting, you can get your website or store up and running at lightning speed.

Server level cache and specially optimised cloud service for WordPress separates the package from other similar services.

When your needs grow, it is also easy to upgrade the package to a bigger one.

We offer speed, ease of use and top-quality customer service at a competitive price. We monitor our services 24/7. We keep denial of service attacks and other security breaches under control for you. In addition, we back up your site with its files and databases safely every day.

In addition to a server environment optimised for WordPress, our customers have access to WordPress experts. We perform additional manual optimisation for our customers to order, so that even more complex and heavy websites open up to visitors as quickly as possible.

We also offer our customers various tools to speed up websites. We are constantly trying different solutions to improve the speed of WordPress sites.

Digital Priority WordPress & WooCommerce Maintenance

  • Information security level monitoring and updates
  • WordPress updates with functionality testing
  • WordPress Core update
  • WordPress plugins update
  • Daily automatic backup
  • Daily malware scan
  • Bot protection
  • Monitoring and updating the need to update add-ons
  • Personal, user support.
  • User support services by phone and email on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm
  • 1 hour of development support/month (technical support)
  • 1 hour of small development so that small changes can be made flexibly to the site

Digital Priority WordPress & WooCommerce - hosting

We have our own WordPress optimised servers. Often, website creators either put the pages in a web host, which they have no idea about, or leave the search for hosting for the pages to the responsibility of the customer. With us, you don’t have to worry about this.

We have offered a combined hosting and maintenance service called maintenance service to our customers since the beginning, so that when the pages go down, the customer does not have to be frustrated when the phone only hears music on hold and no one can be reached. Updates, publication plans and others are also better handled when your pages are hosted by us and not elsewhere.

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