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Multichannel marketing

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More than 30% use at least three different channels in purchasing decisions and making purchases? Message and appear where your customers are.

Outdoor, in the store, online

SEO, SEM, Social media? We implement multi-channel marketing measures with decades of know-how. We know how to combine data and creativity, digital and print, and therefore we also know that digital marketing alone is not enough when aiming for the best possible conversions.

Multichannel marketing campaigns with a clear goal

Let’s think together about a clear goal that we are going to pursue. The goal can be set, for example, to increase e-commerce sales by 20% compared to the same period last year, or to increase the number of Facebook followers by 50%.

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Let's set a goal

We use Hubspot’s SMART chart to define goals

Specific = Exact, what exactly is to be done and how.

Measurable = your goals must be concretely measurable.

Attainable = your goals should be realistic and attainable. First, we do a current state analysis, so we can compare your future results with the current ones.

Relevant = your goals should be relevant to your business and support your core processes. There is no point in measuring pointless things. For example, if the goal is to get more sales to the online store via Facebook, measuring the number of likes is not relevant.

Timely =  The date when the goals must be achieved is defined, i.e. the old familiar deadline.

Let's define target group

We select the most relevant customers for your business and cut off the irrelevant ones. The sieve we make is always dense enough to keep the sampling easily manageable.

We strive to have high-quality contacts and encounters, because shooting with a shotgun only wastes bangs and the prey is usually not caught. At the same time, we look at the marketing strategy.

Choosing the right channels

When choosing channels, we use data. Good data can be obtained, for example, from the analytics of the company's website and social media channels, competitors channels and competitor analysis, as well as, for example, industry studies.

With the right data, we know how to choose the right channels to target the right kind of advertising. Social media marketing or Google marketing are not the only options.

Let's make diamond content

All campaigns need quality content to work. Whether it's a picture, video, sound or text, we make sure that the content's tone of voice, colors and visual appearance are consistent across all channels.

In order to make time use and management more efficient, we make precise channel choices, look at content formats and check the technical limitations of the channels, such as banner image sizes and video length limits right at the beginning of the planning phase.

We analyze and measure the results

For analysis you must have the right tools. Advertising tools and reports for different channels provide valuable information about the effectiveness of the campaign in that channel. In addition to this, it is good to analyse the results as a whole.

We use e.g. Hubspot and Google Analytics to provide the best data and analysis.

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We make impressive and measurable marketing for all channels. Our goal is to make your company stand out from its competitors and to make compelling purchase decisions for our customers.

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