Fotoliiga is Finland's largest photo industry chain consisting of independent merchants operating across the country.

Fotoliiga makes sure that you get high-quality service from the shops in all matters related to pictures and filming.

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Many merchants had different platforms for their online store or the online store otherwise did not serve the target group, on the other hand the maintenance and development of the pages was difficult and even small changes were difficult for the merchants to implement without the help of an external coder.


To make a replicable, functionally scalable platform so that every trader has the opportunity to get a trade that suits their own needs. The WordPress & WooCommerce combo was selected as the platform.


Fully customized theme and timings that work with a counter. The store includes, among other things, versatile filtering, integrations with cash register software, several different wholesalers and a POS option.


Scalable, replicable Online stores whose functions can be selected per merchant. The store scales from basic functions all the way to large entities.