The new generation of takeaway cup lids.

In Finland alone, we consume 350–400 million takeaway coffee cups and 150 million lids every year. And most of us don’t think twice about the environmental consequences when we grab a new plastic cover and struggle to press it into place.

Goodbye plastic, hello cardboard!

The Paper Lid Company uses lightweight dispersion barrier coated paperboard to create a lid that fits snugly into the cup with an audible click. In addition to a good user experience, the cover also offers excellent functional performance.

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Paper Lid Company needed an innovation-friendly look, website and product descriptions for the international market.


Create a look that communicates the circular economy, quality and innovation. The look should be believable both in Finland and abroad, it should convey the company’s values ​​and also act as a single element in both internal and external communication. Websites should support the new look. WordPress was chosen as the platform


We design a strong and recognizable logo for Paper lid Company to strengthen the company’s brand. We photographed attractive product images and implemented the homepage for the company.


The look either stands out to your advantage, functional websites to support sales.

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